House of Bhangra a Punjabi performing arts academy located in Brampton was established in October 2010, by some of the leading members of the elite bhangra team Sonay Gabroo Punjab De (SGPD). SGPD is a competitive bhangra team that has been in the industry since 2001. Since being in the industry for over 12 years, Bhangra has helped us stay connected to our culture, and has shown us how beautiful it is through music and dance.
Bhangra is something that played a big part in our lives; it helped us build confidence and self-esteem as individuals, taught us the importance of teamwork, and created lifelong frienships.

Growing up we never had a studio where we were able to learn bhangra, it was all self-taught through music videos and watching videos of teams from India; we never had any coaches or teachers as it was unheard of. Sonay Gabroo Punjab De started off by practicing in basements and backyards to Jazzy B. We as a team wanted to do something more for the younger generation, and wanted to have a place where students could feel like they are apart of something. We are not just a dance studio but a family, that works on making each and every member better not only as a dancer but also as an individual.
We are so committed to sharing our passion that we’ve made it into a business, so that we can always be apart of Bhangra. We want to have the legacy of what was just an ordinary all boy bhangra dance team continue to grow through boy teams, girl teams, and co-ed teams for the years to come.

House of Bhangra today has two locations to offer bhangra and dhol classes for students from the age of 5 and up.
We have an extensive 15 month curriculum for all of our students that is taught by professional instructors, to ensure every student is learning the technique of bhangra correctly. We annually hold an academy night where all students perform on stage for there friends and family, to show them what they have learned, ranging from level 1 all the way to our senior teams.

Our mission is to keep the art of Bhangra forever young and talented. We at House of Bhangra plan to achieve our mission by educating our students to become professional, talented, performing artists and continue to provide them with the right tools and platform of events to show their talent to the world.


house of bhangra instructor

Owner of House of Bhangra/ Director of Operations for Both Locations

Rosy has been apart of the SGPD family since 2003. She has seen it grow from six dancers to a family of over 25 members. Rosy is a retired bhangra dancer who competed in cultural shows, co-ed competitions, and performed with the entertainment team for many years. Her interest in bhangra began when she was in highschool, and has stuck with her since. Although, she no longer dances she plays a vital role in managing House of Bhangra, and is our go to person for anything house of bhangra related. As part owner of House of Bhangra she has helped grow the business, and has many plans in store to only see it expand even more.

house of bhangra instructor

Founder of SGPD/ Owner of House of Bhangra/ Head Instructor at House of Bhangra Steeles Location

Vic is one of the founders of the original Sonay Gabroo Punjab De bhangra team, which started in 2001.

Vic has been choreographing routines for our entertainment sets and competitions for as long as we can remember. The team refers to him as “Captain”. It is his hard work and dedication to the art of bhangra, that has given him this title from his teammates along with his students. He has competed in many competitions, and has earned many placings with the SGPD family. He is one of the owners of House of Bhangra. He went from teaching his teammates, to now teaching a whole new generation everything from the basics to the advance techniques of bhangra. His passion for bhangra over the last 12 years has only continued to grow, in the hopes of keeping our culture and the name Sonay Gabroo Punjab De alive within the younger generation.

house of bhangra instructor

Head Instructor at House of Bhangra Automatic Location

Navi who is one of the main dancers on Sonay Gabroo Punjab De, joined when he was only 13 years old. Having competed in many competitions all across North America, Navi has gone from being a dancer, to now being one of our main instructors and choreographers, for our Automatic location and competition level teams. He has excelled in so many levels as a bhangra dancer and now an Instructor for our students. When Navi is teaching, no class is the same he continues to bring his creativity into each of his classes, along with lots of fun.

house of bhangra instructor


Karanveer Padda is a passionate bhangra dancer that has been with the academy ever since he was a young fellow. He began his bhangra career as a student and worked his way up to the junior boy’s team, NGPD. At this time, he competed in numerous competitions across North America including New York, Chicago, and Detroit. Throughout the years, Karanveer has performed in various international competitions, concerts, music videos and every type of banquet hall event. As his dedication and interest towards bhangra grew, Karanveer successfully made it to SGPD and is now competing and performing with his team. He is a committed individual that also devotes a great amount of time towards teaching young children at the academy.

house of bhangra instructor

Owner of House of Bhangra/ Head Dhol Instructor

house of bhangra instructor

Owner of House of Bhangra/ Director of Maintenance

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