Dance is a method of communicating what words can’t describe. Once this is understood, the journey to explore the way different cultures perform their art begins. Punjabi cultural performing arts are based on communicating old tales of farming, lifestyles, displays of affection, and celebrations. Bhangra and Giddha are amongst the popular choices of Punjabi cultural performing arts and it’s the style our in-house teams specialize-in.

Our passion and motivation to teach this art is driven by the feelings we as professional dancers have experienced on stage performing this 300 year old performing art. The exhilaration, the emotion, the excitement, all play a role in the overall experience that we wish to give other’s an opportunity to feel.

House of Bhangra’s mission is to preserve this 300 year old art – that’s for sure – and this mission is only achievable if we are successful in educating our students about the history of the art and why it is performed in the way it is. Along with our students, our audience, being anyone and everyone, need to equally be educated about Punjabi culture and what it’s about before witnessing and being able to enjoy a Bhangra or Giddha performance. To do so, we are making an effort to creatively talk about our cultural dance and what certain aspects of the dance mean using social media (YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook in particular), presenting at public schools, and hosting a yearly show displaying dance performances by our very own students. Watching our students perform is one of the most rewarding feelings – it’s the heart of the reason why we teach Punjabi cultural performing arts.

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